Who’da thunk it? Terrell Owens, presently with the Dallas Cowboys,



a source of know-how? Well, the bizarre component approximately awareness – or at least about clever phrases – is that they’re where you discover them. Owens’ contribution, according to Jaime Aron, an Associated Press sports writer: “Winning treatment options loads of things.” But this isn’t a tale about T.O. Or about football. It’s about awareness, and wherein you discover it. Visit :- เว็บแทงบอลออนไลน์


“Winning healing procedures loads of factors.” A as a substitute profound announcement, perhaps even prophetic. Neither of which you might anticipate from one in every of football’s “terrible boys.” But T.O. Said it, and Jaime became there to capture those words for posterity.


To everybody who is misplaced one among existence’s many battles, T.O.’s six words have a alternatively redeeming ring to them. Down however now not out, there’s suddenly wish again.


Here’s another example of worldly awareness, some absolutely sensible phrases: “I pay attention and I neglect. I see and I take into account. I do and I recognize.” Profound? If you suggest deep and severe, then definitely. Prophetic? If you suggest “visionary” or “predictive,” you bet they are. Together, the ones three quick sentences provide an explanation for a first-rate deal.


Do they constitute knowledge? To the quantity that astuteness and intelligence are a part of knowledge, virtually.


Much as with T.O.’s assertion, clever words are where you find them. In this 2nd instance, they have been found stuffed interior a Chinese fortune cookie. Wisdom is, certainly, where you find it.


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